Beit HaGefen – a Jewish-Arab Culture Center - is a nonprofit organization which strives for the creation of common and equal spaces that encompass the variety of identities and cultures in Haifa in particular and in Israel in general. Beit HaGefen Center holds various cultural, educational and tourism activities aimed at a broad age range. Our activities are founded on the belief that meeting and interacting with a different culture – its stories, cultural assets and spiritual assets – are important to breaking down the barriers and building trust between the different national, ethnic and religious groups living in Haifa and Israel.

Beit HaGefen
prides itself in its professional staff, which has vast experience in developing and managing educational and social programs, cultural events, repertory theatre, art exhibitions, festivals and tours, with an emphasis on the meeting of cultures. We act with a focus on the connection to the community and the constant expansion of the circles of collaboration with organizations and institutions working to promote similar objectives in Israel and worldwide.

Beit Hagefen was established in Haifa in 1963 by the initiative of Haifa's mayor then- Abba Hushi.
Beit Hagefen Board of Directors comprises 14 members (7 Jews + 7 Arabs).