Beit HaGefen Jewish-Arab center is a Haifa-based, national and international center that recognizes and honors the different cultural, ethnic and religious identities.  Beit HaGefen acts towards the assimilation of values such as fraternity, equality and belonging in the common domain.

Beit HaGefen’s Mission Statement
•    Developing the intercultural ties and interrelations between the different ethnicities and religions.
•    Promoting and enriching Arab cultural activity in Israel.
•    Developing and fostering relationships between nationalities in the field of culture and initiating activities that promote equal coexistence.
•    Training young Jewish - Arab leadership in the spirit of democratic values while conveying means for dealing with the complex issues of a multicultural society.
•    Serving as a central professional body in Israel and the international community on issues of multiculturalism and coexistence.