• Visitors Center

    Visitors Center offersThe city of Haifa is exceptional in the Israeli human landscape, and constitutes a paragon of coexistence between Jews and Arabs, between veteran and new immigrants and between east and west.

  • Al Carma Theater

    Alkarma Theater is the oldest Arab theater in Israel. The theater was inaugurated forty years ago as part of Beit HaGefen, and throughout the years had put on plays for all ages, particularly children and youth.

  • Library

    The Clore Library and Children's Cultural Center is the only public center in Haifa holding thousands of books and media items in Arabic, alongside literature in both Hebrew and English

  • Gallery and Art

    Beit HaGefen Art Gallery is a culture house dedicated to local, Middle Eastern and international art that addresses multiculturalism and dialogue

  • Programa and Education Center

    The Department of Educational Programs acts for the promotion of discourse and social and educational activity in the spirit of pluralism and tolerance in a multicultural society.

  • Culture

    The Department of Culture acts for the promotion of Beit HaGefen as an active culture house which hosts artists and produces shows for the wide public