The city of Haifa is exceptional in the Israeli human landscape, and constitutes a paragon of coexistence between Jews and Arabs, between veteran and new immigrants and between east and west. The fabric of life in the city – comprised of people from different religions and ethnicities, remarkable sites, synagogues, churches and mosques alongside spectacular views of mountain and sea – creates harmony and a unique and exceptional cultural human mosaic.
Beit HaGefen Visitors' Center offers tours which trace the origins of Haifa as a cosmopolitan, open and tolerant city that holds cultural treasures which bond different religions and traditions. The tours are a fascinating and exceptional way to get to know the human and cultural mosaic of a city which the Israeli author, A. B. Yehoshua had named "the city of ideal mergers".   
The tours are conducted along the art routes in Wadi Nisnas neighborhood, the Bahá’í Gardens, Stella Maris, the German Colony, the Ahmadi Mosque and more, with an emphasis on a message of acceptance, tolerance and respect, and the Haifaite model of coexistence between Jews and Arabs in particular, and between different cultures and religions in general.
The tours are guided by Beit HaGefen's staff, and are offered in Hebrew, English, Spanish and German.
The tours are conducted throughout the week (by advance order only).
Suitable and adapted to all ages and sectors.