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Beit HaGefen’s range of activities

Display spaces
All the works In the Third Space’s permanent exhibition relate to the concept of “home,” which serves as an anchor for identity and belonging. Here you can find a kitchen cabinet filled with surprising objects you won’t find in your own kitchen or a floor made from all kinds of spices. In the living room, you can sit back and listen to the story of the Moroccan Cinderella or look through the window at the graffiti by the Broken Fingaz collective about Haifa’s myths. Participants are encouraged to join in and add their own commentaries and stories to the works. Discussions
take place in a corner designed by Remi Tarif inspired by the warm and hospitable Druze living room.
In this subjective identity lab, designer Roni Levit  tries to understand Haifa through incidental data and subjective interpretation. Visitors can examine how statistics and data can either extend or overlook definitions of identity and
experiment with broad and narrow definitions of individuals and collectives.
The Square
The steps of the square serve as a place for informal encounters and rest. In the square, artist Davi Barell has created an environment that connects residential buildings in Haifa with dream-like faraway landscapes offering respite and breathing space for those of us who wish we could sometimes go live on a mountaintop far away from it all.
In the workshop you can learn about the traditional crafts of different cultures in the local sphere. The space is also used to conduct Object Workshops, where participants figure out the connections and meanings of tools from different traditions, revealing memories and emotions, which add another layer to the intercultural discourse.
This viewing space features a variety of films dealing with language barriers, prejudice and the frustration resulting from
the cultural and language gaps that prevent us from properly deciphering messages and intentions. These films, by a variety of artists and institutions, are an effective tool for encountering realities and dilemmas in circles parallel to our own.
A space for large gatherings, performances and lectures that can hold up to 120 people and an auditorium that can hold up to 200 people.

Target audiences
Workshops and activities focus on acquiring tools and principles in educating for the complexities of living in a multicultural society.
Public sector employees
Content tailored to service providers for heterogeneous populations, workshops that focus on cultural competence and provide tools for effective communication.
Staff days
Day-long group and enrichment programs for companies and organizations, with an emphasis on experiential exposure to the cultures that make up Haifa and Israel, familiarity with the principles of protected discourse and direct encounter
with guests from different groups in Israeli society.
Groups from Arab society
Workshops and one-day happenings around content specially developed for the cultural-social context of Arabic-speaking groups.
Mixed groups – Jews and Arabs
Focuses on acquiring tools for discourse on highly sensitive issues in a space that allows for looking at the other’s identity without giving up one’s own identity.
Elementary and middle schools
Day-long activities and experiential learning focusing on questions of individual and group identity. Using art and personal creativity as a way to engage with social issues from unexpected perspectives.
The Third Space offers experiential tours of Wadi Nisnas and Haifa from the "inside," through the homes, people and tastes that reveal a variety of voices and stories.

What can you do in the Third Space, and whom should you bring?
The activities in the Third Space are modular and diverse and combine work in the various spaces with experiential tours in Wadi Nisnas. We offer continuing education courses, seminars, tours, workshops and conferences, and we will be happy to help tailor the content and activities to your group’s needs.
The Third Space’s instructors come from across the social spectrum, and each one has their own unique story they
bring with them to the group. Instructors have received thorough training focusedon creating a protected space for group
discourse that allows for engaging with the sensitive issues that make up the reality around us.

The workshop is available in a variety of languages.
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