Beit HaGefen Art Gallery

Contemporary Art Gallery

Beit HaGefen Art Gallery : Contemporary Art Space in Haifa
The gallery’s activity centers around three main channels: an exhibition space, The Third Space – a place for education and art and The Museum Without Walls – a platform for research and production of artworks in the public space.

The gallery with all of its channels is distinguished by the  context in which it is set. Located in a late 19th century building, it sits on the intersection of three neighborhoods – the German Colony, Hadar, and Wadi Nisnas. 

Through extensive artistic and educational activities, the Art Gallery at Beit HaGefen strives to establish a broad platform, between and beyond the walls of the gallery, for local communities and creative forces from Haifa and the region.

Opening Hours
Sun-Thu: 10:00-15:00
Friday: 10:00-14:00
First Saturday of each month 10:00-14:00 

Scattered Shared Spaces

התחלה: 29/11/2022 - סיום: 22/04/2022 שעה: 10:00

Display spaces

Wisdom of Crowds (2014)

Ghost Dance (2017)

Hebron Road Ridge Route (2012)

Hurva (2015)

Journal View (2015)

Log In Log Out (2012)

In Between (2013)

The Beyond Within (2013)

Orchard Tailor (2017)

The Dangers of a Story Untold (2009)

Foreigners Amongst Us (2014)

Vanishing Point (2015)

Dear Jerusalem (2015)

Metamorphoses of the New Arab (2016)

Depth of Field (2016)

Walking on Thin Ice (2016)

Extraction Point (2012)

Homage to Lutfiya — My Sister in Yarmouk Camp (2013)

Out of Context | Nardeen Srouji |5.9.19-17.2.20

Summer Nights at Salon El Jabal

Tell Me Something | A Spoken Exhibition | 14-20.6

Dubi Harel | On Blindness

​Rahmi Hamzi | Jafnah

Salon El Jabal

Here/Then and Now

Self-Collecting (2017)

Sea Port

The Interview — Public Movement (2018)

Exercise Y2 | 5.9.19-17.2.20

The Moon’s Reflection on the Asphalt | 28.3-12.7.19

The Shadow of Mountains




CoptiCo (2018)

No One Can Carry Two Watermelons in One Hand, Let Alone Three