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Sunday to Thursday: 10:00-15:00 

Arab Jewish Cultural Center
2Hagefen st.  Haifa 
​PO Box 9421

04-8142510 - שלוחה 510

The Culture Department works to promote Beit HaGefen as an authentic cultural center. The department strives to create a home for pluralistic intercultural encounters which promote a shared society in Haifa and in Israel. This department initiates activities and links between different groups in diverse cultural areas based on the belief that exposure to varied content promotes dialogue and understanding.

The Culture Department collaborates with cultural organizations and institutions as well as artists and intellectuals from Israel and abroad.

Some of the main events each year include:
Holiday of Holidays: Every December since 1993, Beit HaGefen invites visitors to experience a wide range of exhibitions, tours, and galleries which emphasize the multiculturalism of the Haifa. The event includes exciting street performance, food, and much more in the Wadi Nisnas neighborhood.
Arab Cultural Days: Beit HaGefen is dedicated to celebrating Arab artists and performers. Arab Culture Days have been in place since 1980 with each year concentrating on a specific theme within the Arab community. The festivals present dance, music, and theater performances to the public.

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